LS-OPT Development

DYNAmore is active in the development of LS-OPT for many years. Our responsibilities range from customer development, GUI programming to program design.

Since many years, DYNAmore is active in the development of LS-OPT and is heavily involved in the preparation of the development plans and the prioritization of individual development projects. We work closely with the developers in the U.S. and Sweden. The algorithmic development takes place largely in the U.S, whereas the development of graphical user interface takes place at DYNAmore in Sweden and Germany. In particular, visualization methods for displaying the results of optimization are developed mainly at DYNAmore in Germany.We are glad to create prototype implementations to visualize your data in accordance with your needs. Depending on the requirements, new features can be included in LS-OPT.

Examples for the implementation are:

  • Development of visualization methods of optimization results (multi-objectives, Pareto data, constraints, Sensitivities, etc.)
  • Visualization of Meta-models
  • GUI programming for LS-OPT
  • Interfaces to other pre- or post-processors
  • Process automation for optimization

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