LS-DYNA Developer Forum

Background Information and new Developments in LS-DYNA und LS-OPT

Tuesday, 24th September 2013

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Registration form (pdf)

Adam Opel AG

During this afternoon, you will have the opportunity to directly obtain information from the developers of LS-DYNA and LS-OPT and we encourage you to meet them personally and engage in open exchanges. Many of the recent developments for the automotive industry in LS-DYNA und LS-OPT have been implemented by these developers. It will be well worth visiting the event to find out more about new features, their scientific basis and their application. Additionally, your ideas, needs and desires regarding program enhancements are always welcome.

13:30 Welcome
K. Schweizerhof (DYNAmore GmbH/KIT)
13:35 Drilling Rotation Constraint for Shell Elements in Implicit and Explicit Analyes
T. Erhart (DYNAmore)
13:55 Cosserat Point Elements in LS-DYNA
T. Borrvall (DYNAmore Nordic)
14:25 Review of Shell Element Formulations in LS-DYNA: Properties, Limits, Advantages, Disadvantages
A. Haufe (DYNAmore)
15:00 Current Status of Isogeometric Analysis in LS-DYNA
S. Hartmann (DYNAmore)
15:20 Coffee Break
16:00 New Frequency Domain Features in LS-DYNA
Y. Huang (LSTC)
16:30 New Developments to Capture the Manufacturing Process of Composite Structures in LS-DYNA
T. Klöppel (DYNAmore)
New Features in SPH and ALE in LS-DYNA
M. Souli (LSTC/Univ. Lille)
17:30 New Features in LS-OPT V5
K. Witowski (DYNAmore)
18:00 - 22:00 „Get together”
with beverages and snacks in the hardware and software exhibition

Program subject to alterations.