Seminar - Information day

Information day: Acoustics and NVH-Analysis with FEM and BEM in LS-DYNA

23th September, 13:00 - 17:00

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The goal of this information day is to provide a general overview on the simulation of acoustic phenomena, vibro-acoustic problems, NVH and other frequency-domain analyses. Besides the theoretical basic for numerical investigation, the current state-of-the-art technology for typical industrial problems will be presented and the possibilities, limits and future developments in LS-DYNA are discussed.

In LS-DYNA, acoustics simulations and general NVH-Analysis can be carried out using the boundary-element method (BEM) and the finite-element method (FEM). For this reason, it is possible to investigate acoustic and vibro-acoustic problems in the time as well as in the frequency domain. Based on these computations, quantities such as the acoustic pressure (Pa) and the sound pressure level (dB) can be analyzed.

Location: Stuttgart
Language: English/German
Registration Fee: Free of charge

13:30 Welcome
13:40 Basic Relations in Computational Acoustics
Prof. M. Wagner (Hochschule Regensburg)

Investigation of the Sound Radiation by a Sea Rescue Vessel
O. Nommensen, Dr. M. Markiewicz, Prof. O. von Estorff (Novicos GmbH)

15:00 Coffee Break

Acoustics and NVH in LS-DYNA

Dr. Y. Huang (LSTC, senior software developer for frequency domain vibration and acoustics)

17:00 Questions/Discussion
17:30 End

Seminar: ALE and Fluid-Structure Interaction

26th - 27th September, 9:00 - 17:00 Uhr

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This course covers the features in the solver provided to analyse fluids and, in particular, the interaction of fluids and structures using the Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) capabilities. The theoretical background to fluid modeling in LS-DYNA is presented and illustrated with several practical applications. Problems solved during the workshop include tank sloshing, tank dropping (partially and completely filled), viscous flow in a channel, underwater explosion, bird strike, ship collision and acoustics in air and water. There is no deep knowledge of fluid dynamics required. The lecturer, Prof. Dr. M. Souli, is a professor for numerical mode­­ling of non-linear problems at the University of Lille in France. His main research topics are fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interaction. He is also senior developer at LSTC ­since many years and contributed significantly to the ALE implementation in LS-DYNA.

Location: Stuttgart
Language: English
Registration Fee: 1,100 Europlus VAT if applicable