4a engineering


4a engineering GmbH is a technically oriented Research and Development company with a focus on plastics engineering and materials science. The core competence of 4a engineering GmbH resides in concept finding and optimization of product ideas based on the profound understanding and interpreting of physical and mechanical processes. 4a engineering GmbH works with a wide range of partially specially developed simulation software and analyzing methods. We are offering engineering and R&D services as well as our products VALIMATTM, FIBERMAPTM, MICROMECTM and IMPETUSTM.

IMPETUSTM sets new standards in the area of dynamic material characterization. The 4a-inhouse- developed testing system for the characterization of materials, especially plastics, is based on a pendulum working without additional actuation power. The testing system can be operated on a common office desk located in the Research & Development department

VALIMATTM is the software solution for managing material tests and for the generation of validated material cards for plastics, composites, metals and foams. The software automatically generates FE-Models for the relevant tests. The parameters for the material card are optimized by an automatic reverse engineering process. VALIMATTM supports the most common FE-solvers and material cards. The functionality was proven by hundreds of projects.

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