Crashworthiness Simulation with LS-DYNA

With this course we are expanding our range of services and offering a seminar online for the first time. This gives interested users the opportunity to follow the course on their own computers and at their own convenience.

The 4-day seminar with Paul Du Bois was recorded as a video and divided into 15 chapters. The content of the course is therefore identical to that of the seminar in Stuttgart.

Please register via our website as you would for a conventional seminar. After we have received your payment we will send you a link and a password with which you can view the course. We will send you the seminar documents by regular mail. Please note that for security reasons, each chapter of the course may only be completed once and the password loses its validity after 14 days.

We hope that the offer will appeal to you and look forward to many registrations. If you have any questions about this course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that this course is only available to employees of companies or universities. Students and private individuals are excluded from use.


  • Introduction to crash simulation using LS-DYNA
    • possibilities and technical limits
    • accuracy and reliability problems
    • current and future developments
  • Modeling techniques for parts of car bodies
    • timestep control
    • mesh-outlay, quality and convergence
    • element quality
    • flanges, weld spots, etc.
  • Influence of the mass of components
  • Contact definition for crash simulation
  • Selection and description of suitable material models for steel materials
  • Introduction to modeling techniques for foams and plastics
  • Element formulation for shells and volume elements, hourglass stabilization
  • Initialization of models, gravity and pre-tension
  • Component models
  • Quality control of FE models as well as analysis and evaluation of the results