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Introduction to LS-DYNA compact

IMPORTANT: This on-demand video seminar is the recording of the compact webinar "Introduction to LS-DYNA" with shortened content. The recording of the 3-day on-site seminar can be found here.

The simulation tool LS-DYNA offers a vast range of application possibilities when investigating strongly non-linear static and dynamic processes, such as crash analysis or metal-forming investigations.

The introductory webinar series address simulation engineers without any prior LS-DYNA or LS-PrePost knowledge and gives a quick introduction to both. In particular, we focus one the basics of computer simulations, the input-deck structure as well as commonly used element types and contact definitions. In addition to the technical background, examples serve to deepen the knowledge. The duration is approx. 6 h.

Please note that you need LS-PrePost and a valid LS-DYNA license to run the examples on your computer.



Maik Schenke

Maik Schenke


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Aerospace engineering