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Introduction to LS-PrePost compact

LS-DYNA models can be generated and modified with the pre and post processor LS-PrePost. The program might be used to visualize the results of the LS-DYNA Finite-Element analysis. LS-DYNA input files can be read in and editing of the keyword cards in the graphical user interface is possible. The capabilities of LS-PrePost have been developed constantly over the past years. Especially in the range of pre-processing many new features have been added.

In this webinar the application of LS-PrePost is demonstrated. The goal is to explain as possible complete all the special features and all the menu items of the graphical user interface focused on practical applications.



Silvia Mandel

Silvia Mandel


Area of expertise:
Occupant safety, pre-/postprocessing

Academic studies:
Mechanical engineering