Introduction to LS-PrePost

LS-DYNA models can be generated and modified with the pre and post processor LS-PrePost. The program might be used to visualize the results of the LS-DYNA  Finite-Element analysis. LS-DYNA input files can be read in and editing of the keyword cards in the graphical user interface is possible. The capabilities of LS-PrePost have been developed constantly over the past years. Especially in the range of pre-processing many new features have been added.

In this one day seminar the application of LS-PrePost is demonstrated. The goal is to explain as possible complete all the special features and all the menu items of the graphical user interface focused on practical applications.


  • Basic operations of LS-PrePost pre-processing
  • Editing and visualizing of LS-DYNA input decks
  • Working with models with Include structure

  • Simple meshing features

  • Editing and corrections of existing FE meshs

  • Mesh quality check

  • Definition of contacts/element types/material models
  • Boundary conditions
  • Definition, assignment and visualization of load curves
  • Handling with output files of LS-DYNA
  • Plotting of curves
  • Modification of curves (accumulation, filtering, scaling...)
  • Printing and preparing results for presentations
  • Extraction of node- and element histories
  • Colour plots of physical values on the model (fringe-plots)
  • Vector plots, cross-section cuts of the model, ...
Date 10.07.2023 - 10.07.2023 (1 day)
Time 09:00 - 17:00
Lecturers Silvia Mandel
Location Stuttgart (GER)
Languages English
Standard (525 € + VAT)
Employee of University (262 € + VAT)
Student (50 € + VAT)
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