Introduction DYNAmore ECO SYSTEM

When simulating problems with LS-DYNA a vast amount of information and simulation data is being generated. Especially in the case of large models like full car crash models the extraction of the desired data might cause some effort itself. The DYNAmore ECO SYSTEM provides tools which will help to find and extract the desired data quickly. Most of the tools are being continuously developed and improved over the last 20 years and have been adapted for the special requirements of our customers.

The tool DM.check-hsp for example provides you with general information about the model as well as detailed information about the used material models, element formulations, contact definitions and much more. DM.check-c allows the user to easily gather a broad range of information, e. g. all recognized penetrations or untied nodes, about any contacts used in the model. This seminar will provide a closer look into the use of some of the tools like DM.check-c, DM.check-hsp and DM.check-failed. Their usage will furthermore be demonstrated by their practicable application.


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10.07.2024, 09:00 - 17:00 1 day Add to calendar Registration English Stuttgart (GER) 525 €


Max Hübner

Max Hübner


Area of Expertise:
Joining techniques

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Civil engineering