In this seminar, you receive comprehensive information directly from one of the program developers about the latest developments of the features provided by the solver LS-DYNA to analyse fluids and, in particular, the fluid-structure interaction using its Arbitrary Lagrangean Eulerian (ALE) capabilities.

The theoretical background to fluid modeling in LS-DYNA is presented and illustrated with several practical applications. Problems solved during the workshop include tank sloshing, tank dropping (partially and completely filled), viscous flow in a channel, underwater explosion, bird strike, ship collision and acoustics in air and water.


The seminar is directed towards advanced LS-DYNA users, whereas prior knowledge of fluid dynamics is not required.



  • Lagrangean formulation (relevant mathematical equations, discretization and numerical solution)
  • Eulerian formulation of one material (relevant mathematical equations, operator-split technique, advection ratio)
  • ALE formulation of one material (algorithm for mesh smoothing)
  • Eulerian formulation of several materials (tensions weighted according to volume fractions, transition reconstruction)
  • ALE formulation of several materials (functioning of a moving Eulerian mesh)
  • Fluid-structure interaction (method with constraints), penalty-based method, problem of leakage and solution to it
  • Examples of application
Dates Duration/days Registration Referee Language Location Fee
2 days
Mhamed Souli
Stuttgart (GER)
1200 €
2 days Versailles (FRA)
1200 €
2 days Registration
Mhamed Souli
Stuttgart (GER)
1200 €


Mhamed Souli
Mhamed Souli

Lecturer of the seminars
-     ALE and FSI, SPH

Julien Lacambre
Julien Lacambre

Diplôme d'Ingénieur
Areas of expertise: Crash and impact simulations
Academic studies: Aerospace Engineering

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