Welcome at the DYNAmore GmbH

We are dedicated to support engineers to solve non-linear mechanical problems numerically. Our tools to model and solve the problems are the finite element software LS-DYNA as solver and LS-OPT for optimization. With 85 engineers in Europe we sell, teach, support, and co-develop the software and provide engineering services.

LS-DYNA is one of the most powerful finite element software packages. LS-DYNA can be used to simulate a car crash, a drop test of a cell phone, a deep drawing process, or an impact of a missile, etc. LS-DYNA is capable of simulating complex real world problems. You are welcome to contact us for details.

With over 330 participants the LS-DYNA Forum from 6 - 8 Oct. in Bamberg, Germany, was once again a great success. We would like to thank all the speakers, exhibitors, session chairs and participants.

We cordially invite you to attend the seminar "Joining Techniques in LS-DYNA", 21-22 Oct. in Stuttgart, Germany. Lecturers: M. Feucht (Daimler), T. Graf, A. Haufe (DYNAmore)

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The European LS-DYNA Conference will be held 15 - 17 June 2015 in Würzburg, Germany. We are looking forward to your abstract submission! ...more

Call for Papers

Request a 30 day evaluation license of LS-DYNA. The version has unlimited model size and comes with full support. It includes LS-PrePost and LS-OPT! ...more

We invite you to attend the seminar series on metallic materials:

Modeling (10-11 Nov)

Failure (12-13 Nov.)

Parameter Ident. (14 Nov.)




We would like to draw your attention to the following seminars in November:

Primer (17 Nov.)

Poly-/Elastomers (24-25 Nov.)

Composites (27-28 Nov.)