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Release note for DYNAFORM 5.2.1 built date 1/4/2006
	*A bug causing crash in result mapping has been fixed.
	*A bug causing crash in define blank on SGI has been fixed.
	*A bug causing crash in blank lancing has been fixed.
	*Fixed display problem for certain ATI graphic cards.
	*Improve the speed in Split Element function.

	*A bug about NASTRAIN file format in MSTEP has been fixed.
	*Add rotation in autonesting.
	*A bug in binder mesh generated by MSTEP can not be imported 
	  into DF on UNIX has been fixed.
	*A bug about font display in autonesting has been fixed.

        *Stoning function has been improved.
        *FLD engineering strain option has been improved.              
        *Nastran label display problem has been fixed.
        *Graph window has been improved to be allowed display independently.

Release note for Dynaform 5.2.1 built date 11/04/2005
	*Add the Constrained_Adaptive card in the Split Element function.
	*A bug in file overwrite has been fixed.
	*A bug in subfix in "print to file" function has been fixed.
	*Improve the "selected by surfaces" option in select elements function.
	*A bug about define blank thickness in MSTEP has been fixed.
	*Add dynamic memory in MSTEP.
	*A bug in import dynain file has been fixed.

Release note for Dynaform 5.2.1 built date 11/04/2005
	*A bug in import DYNAIN file with SPC has been fixed.
	*A bug in import solid element in DYNAIN file has been fixed.
	*While switching between QS and MSTEP, the status of "Apply" in QS is updated.
	*A bug in selet node in Inner fill -> Close curve has been fixed.
	*Two options in Import mesh are disabled in MSTEP under Analysis menu.
	*Update Job Submit: Add a AUTO option to the Memory setting. User may enter the
	 memory value on the Memory box directly.  Or let the program set the default
	 to 300MB. DYNA will adjust the memory automatically during the DYNA run.

        *FLD0 index file format has been changed.
        *Circular grid performance has been improved.
        *Read Dynain has been improved to handle history variables crash problem.
        *Graphic engine has been changed to fix the transparency problem on 
	 Nvidia Geforce 6600 cards.
        *Local light option has been added on Menu/Option.
        *Line width control has been added into eta.config file to allow user to customerize
	 the line width. 
        *Export section cut line as line data has been implemented.
        *Contour cache problem has been fixed.
        *E3D assembling function has been improved to support sequential model files.
        *Freeze problem in model rotation during animation in eta/3dplayer was fixed.             
        *Inteference check feature has been implemented.
        *FLD severe thinning has been changed to allow negative minor-strain.
        *Circular Grid has been changed to remove unnecessary mapping display process.
        *D3eigv and Nastran titile has been improved to keep consistent.
        *Nastran vector plot has been improved to show tensor correctly .
        *The inconsistency problem in Thickness/Thinning/Thickness Strain plot has been fixed.
	*Dynain has been improved in Thinning/Thickness Strain to allow user to enter 
	 the original thickness.
        *FLD severe thinning color has been changed.
        *Problem in Graph/HIC filter has been fixed.
        *Dynain output was updated to add parametric value for shell stress.
        *New version number has been updated for eta/Dynaform and eta/VPG.
        *Dynain output has been implemented for eta/Dynaform application.
        *Nastran displacement interpolation problem has been fixed.
        *Display problem while plotting thickness component(Min/Max limit color) has been fixed.
        *Polygon offset flag has been added in the etapost.config to solve display problem
	 on low-end graphic cards.
        *Interference check has been improved. 
	*Dynain output has been improved to add adaptivity constrain card.
        *Export boundary line has been implemented.
        *FLD has been improved to add unixial compression line for "Severe Wrinkle".

Release note for Dynaform 5.2.1 built date 8/22/2005
	*A bug in Blank lancing with constraint adaptivity has been fixed.
        *A bug in materail library found for For stainless steel type 24 has been fixed.
        *Shading problem with drawbead displayed has been fixed.
        *Part will be automatically turned when defined as current part.

        *MSTEP has been updated to version 5. 
        *Add option in MSTEP to input Blank mesh and Binder mesh.

        *eta/Post can output e3d file from dynain(include MSTEP) file.
        *Improve picking nodes/elements in outmost layer with Z-Buffer
	*Support multiple languages
	*Improve Nastran/Undeformed shape
	*A bug in Section cut /blanktool distance has been fixed.
	*A bug in Section cut /blank movement has been fixed.

Release note for Dynaform 5.2.1 built date 6/15/2005
	*Add LS-DYNA solver for double precision. User may define single and double
	 precision version in File - Submit Dyna From Input Deck menu.  User may select single 
	 precision(default) or double precision as solver in the menu.

	*Update MSTEP to handle undercut parts.

Release note for Dynaform 5.2.1 built date 6/9/2005 
	*The limit of number of surfaces has been increased to 32,000.  The 
	 corresponding limit for number of surface boundary points, control points 
	 have been extended accordingly.
Release note for Dynaform 5.2.1 built date 5/25/2005 
	*Change some defaul velues in DYNA control cards.
	*Fix a bug in Drawbead GUI.
	*Fix a bug in VDA translator.
	*Change LS-DYNA executable file name from LS970.exe to LSDYNA.exe 
	 (for PC version only).

	*VIEWING OPERATION/ Zoom By Window/Zoom By Freehand The viewing operations 
	 has been modifed to keep consistent with eta/Dynaform. 
	*PICK OPERATION/Select By Window/Select By Freehand.
	*CONTOUR/Velocity/Acceleration Velocity/Acceleration component has been added in
	 the contour plot/animation.
	*OPTION / VPG Layout. The VPG Layout has been added in the option menu, the 
	 control flag is recorded in "etapost.config" file. After user clicked the
	 option and restart the application, the VPG layout will be activated.
	*DEFECT DECTION. The Defect Dection function has been improved.
	*Default setting /FLD CURVE TYPE (TRUE). Default setting of FLD CURVE 
	 TYPE in the "etapost.config" file has been changed to TRUE.