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Genesis 11.0 Download/Installation Instructions

For Windows:

   Download and run the install file: 


For Unix/Linux:

   You must download at least three files:


   where (platform) is the system that you want to install onto.
   If you want to install for multiple system types, then download
   each corresponding (platform) file.

   The following platforms are supported:

   linux_x86_64 -- Linux on 32- or 64-bit x86 compatible processors
   linux_ia64   -- Linux on Itanium2 processors
   aix          -- IBM AIX 5.3 on POWER processors
   hpux_ia64    -- HP HP-UX 11i on Itanium2 processors
   hpux_pa      -- HP HP-UX 11i on PA-RISC processors
   sunos_sparc  -- Sun Solaris 10 on SPARC processors

   Untar the downloaded files into the same directory.
   This will make a new directory named gen110_cdrom/.

   Run the gen110_cdrom/ script.