Automated Extraction of Occupant Injury Results

There are an increasing number of standardized tests, for which a vehicle should comply with and all these tests, usually, require the generation of a standardized report. For the generation of reports for simulated tests, after each solver run, the followed post-processing actions are always the same. In addition, for Occupant Safety tests the use of different dummies per test, adds more similar post-processing actions. This repetition is proven cumbersome, time-consuming and prone to errors. Therefore, the automation of the execution of those actions and the subsequent report generation is required. Apart from automating the repeated post-processing actions another problem is to compare the results of the simulated tests with the physical tests results. This paper presents a software tool developed in μETA (mETA), the Post-Processor of BETA CAE Systems S.A., that automatically processes and creates reports for Occupant Protection in Interior Impact.

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