10 Europäische LS-DYNA Konferenz 2015

15. - 17. Juni 2015, Würzburg

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Montag, 15. Juni 2015


Begrüßung / Keynote-Vorträge I
13:00 Begrüßung

U. Franz (DYNAmore)

13:10 Recent Developments in LS-DYNA – Part I

J.O. Hallquist, B. Wainscott and other developers (LSTC)

13:40 Crash CAE in the all New Volvo XC90 and SPA Platform
A. Sandahl, J. Jergeus, O. Centeno, D. Macri, A. Ericsson, W. Wu, E. Claesson, P. A. Eggertsen, M. Retzlaff, M. Khoo (Volvo Car)
14:10 Modeling the Press Hardening Process
Prof. M. Oldenburg (Luleå University of Technology)
14:40 Big Compute/HPC in Microsoft Azure
T. Karmarkar (Microsoft)
15:00 Pause


Occupant Safety I
MaterialS I
– Metal Forming

Prediction of Dynamic Material Failure – Part I: Strain Rate Dependent Plastic Yielding

M. Feucht (Daimler); R. Böhm (Karls­ruher Institut für Technologie); P. Du Bois (Consultant); F. Andrade, A. Haufe (DYNAmore)
Numerical Simulation of the Laser Scoring Line Behavior in Airbag Deployment
M. Nutini, M. Vitali (Basell Poliolefine Italia); S. Bianco, D. Brancadoro, A. Luera, D. Marino (FCA); M. Olivero (CRF)
Failure of Thermoplastics
– Part 1: Characterization and Testing

A. Fertschej, P. Reithofer, M. Rollant
(4a engineering)

Simulation Aspects for the Application of High Strength Steel Materials in Forming Processes
L. Keßler, T. Beier, H. Richter (ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe)


Prediction of Dynamic Material Failure – Part II: Application with GISSMO in LS-DYNA
F. Andrade, A. Haufe (DYNAmore);
M. Feucht (Daimler); R. Böhm (Karls­ruher Institut für Technologie); P. Du Bois (Consultant)

CAE Analysis of Passenger Airbag Bursting through Instrumental Panel Based on Corpuscular Particle Method
Y. Feng, M. Beadle (Jaguar Land Rover)

Failure of Thermoplastics
– Part 2 Material Modeling and Simulation

A. Fertschej, M. Rollant, P. Reithofer
(4a engineering)

A Combined Technological Proofing Method for Deep Drawing and Stretch Forming of Sheet Metal Materials

R. Hennig (Aleris Rolled Products Germany)

16:30 Modeling of Strain-Rate Dependence of Deformation and Damage Behavior of HSS- and UHSS at Different Loading States
A. Trondl, D. Sun (Fraunhofer IWM)
Using JFOLD & LS-DYNA to Study the Effects of Folding on Airbag Deployment
R. Taylor (Arup), S. Hayashi (JSOL)

Macroscopic Modeling of Flow-Drill Screw Connections

J. K. Sønstabø, D. Morin, M. Langseth (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Developments in LS-DYNA for Metal Forming Simulations
X. Zhu, L. Zhang (LSTC)

16:55 Pause


Simulation I
– Multiphysics
IT Performance/Scalability I
15:40 Simulation of the Electromagnetic Flux Compression using LS-DYNA Multi-Physics Capability
K. Takekoshi (Terrabyte)
Improvement of Domain Decom­position of LS-DYNA R7 and R8
M. Makino (Dynapower)

Setting up an ICFD Simulation

Tutor: I. Caldichoury (LSTC)

Material Parameter Identification
with LS-OPT

Tutor: D. Aspenberg (DYNAmore Nordic)

16:05 Numerical Methodology for Thermal-mechanical Analysis of Fire Doors
A. Bozzolo, C. Ferrando (D’Appolonia - RINA Group); A. Tonelli, E. Cabella (RINA Group)
Performance Optimizations for LS-DYNA with Mellanox HPC-X Scalable Software Toolkit
P. Lui, D. Cho, G. Shainer, S. Schultz, B. Klaff (Mellanox Technologies)
16:30 A Contribution to CESE Method Validation in LS-DYNA
E. Grippon, N. Van Dorsselaer, V. Lapoujade (DynaS+)

Characterizing LS-DYNA Performance on SGI Systems using SGI MPInside MPI Profiling Tool
T. DeVarco, O. Schreiber, A. Altman, S. Shaw (Silicon Graphics)
16:55 Pause


– FrequENCY DomaiN
– Metal Forming
17:30 Development of an Anisotropic Material Model for the Simulation of Extruded Aluminum under Transient Dynamic Loads
A. Smith (Honda R&D Americas); P. Du Bois (Consultant); T. Borrvall (DYNAmore Nordic)
The Effects of Active Muscle Contrac­tion into Pedestrian Kinematics and Injury During Vehicle-Pedestrian Collision
I. Putra, J. Carmai, S. Koetniyom (King Mongkut’s University of North Bangkok); B. Markert (RWTH Aachen/University of Agder)
Recent Updates in LS-DYNA Frequency Domain Solvers
Y. Huang, Z. Cui (LSTC)
Comprehensive Correlation of Seat Track Assembly – From Forming to Assembly Test
S. Sinne, H. Klose, V. J. Dura Brisa, P. Partheymüller (Brose Fahrzeugteile)

17:55 The Numerical Failure Prediction by the Damage Model GISSMO in Various Materials of Sheet Metal
S. Chinzei, J. Naito (KOBE Steel)

Stability of THUMS Pedestrian Model and its Initial Trauma Response Against a Real-Life Accident
L. Wen, C. Bastien, M. Blundell, C. Neal-Surgess (Coventry University); K. Kayvantash (CADLM)
Statistical Energy Acoustic for High Frequencies Analysis
M. Souli, R. Messahel (University Lille); Y. T. Zeguer (Jaguar Land Rover); Y. Huang (LSTC)

Creation and Validation of Material Cards for Aluminium Sheet Metal Materials

R. Hennig (Aleris Rolled Products Germany)

18:20 An Investigation of Modeling Approaches for Material Instability of Aluminum Sheet Metal using the GISSMO Model
G. Falkinger (Leichtmetallkompetenz­zentrum Ranshofen LKR); P. Simon (AMAG Rolling)
The CASIMIR Model for Simulation in Seating Comfort Applications – A Status Update for LS-DYNA
N. Lazarov, D. Fressmann (DYNAmore); A. Siefert (Wölfel Beratende Ingenieure)

Evaluation of Kinematic Hardening Models for Multiple Stress Reversals under Continuous Cyclic Shearing and Multi-Step Bending
S. Suttner, M. Rosenschon, Prof. M. Merklein (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)
18:45 Get together – Getränke, Imbiss und Live-Musik in der Ausstellung


Simulation II
IT Performance/Scalability II
17:30 Hail Impact Problem in Aeronautical Field
A. Prato, M. Anghileri, L. Castelletti (Politecnico di Milano)
Fast Road Barrier Car Safety Calculations on a Cray XC
J. Cholewinski, A. Findling, G. Clifford (Cray); M. Piechnik (Stalprodukt)

Setting up an EM Simulation

Tutor: I. Caldichoury (LSTC)

Meshing and Postprocessing
with LS-PrePost

Tutor: P. Ho (LSTC)

17:55 Simulation of Bird Strike on Airplane Wings by Using SPH Methodology
M. Guler (TOBB University of Economics and Technology); T. Kiper Elibol (Turkish Aerospace); I. Uslan (Gazi University); M. Buyuk (Turkish Standards Institution)
Cost-Effective Sizing of Your HPC Cluster for CAE Simulations
N. Henkel, S. Treiber (GNS Systems)

Cloud-Enabled CAE Solutions: Requirements, Basic Concepts and Usability

A. Heine (CPU 24/7)

18:45 Get together – Getränke, Imbiss und Live-Musik in der Ausstellung

Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015


Optimization I
– Robustness

Occupant Safety II
– dummies
Materials II
– Composites
Process III
– Metal Forming
8:20 Recent Advances on Surrogate Modeling for Robustness Assessment of Structures with Respect to Crashworthiness Requirements
Prof. F. Duddeck, E. Wehrle (Technical University Munich)

Optimal Forces for the Deceleration of the ES-2 Dummy

J. Fehr, J. Köhler, C. Kleinbach (University of Stuttgart)

Textile and Composite Modeling on a Near Micro-Scale: Possibilities and Benefits
O. Döbrich, T. Gereke, C. Cherif (Technical University Dresden)

Parameter Identification for Forming Simulations of High-Strength Steels
M. Thomisch, Prof. M. Kley (University Aalen)

8:45 Robustness Analysis of a Vehicle Front Structure Using Statistical Approach
M. Okamura (JSOL)

Assessment of Motorcycle Helmet Chin Bar Design Criteria with Respect to Basilar Skull Fracture using FEM
S. Farajzadeh Khosroshahi, M. Ghajari (Imperial College London); U. Galvanetto (University of Padova)
Micro-Meso Draping Modeling of Non-Crimp Fabrics
O. Vorobiov, T. Bischoff, A. Tulke (FTA Forschungsgesellschaft für Textiltechnik Albstadt)

ACP Process Integrated 3B Forming Optimization
A. Farahani, D. Mittal (Engineering Technology Associates); J. Shaw (US Steel)

9:10 Improving Robustness of Chevrolet Silverado with Exemplary Design Adaptations Based on Identified Scatter Sources
D. Borsotto (Sidact)

CAE Validation Study of a Side Window Impact using Plexiglas Materials
D. Lopez Ruiz (Tecosim Technische Simulation); A. Rühl, Prof. S. Kolling (THM Giessen); E. Ruban, B. Kiese­wetter, S. Ulzheimer (Evonik Industries)
Numerical Investigation of Carbon Braided Composites at the Mesoscale: Using Computer Tomography as a Validation Tool
M. Vinot, M. Holzapfel, R. Jemmali (German Aerospace Center)
Influence of Variations in a Mechanical Framing Station on the Shape Accuracy of S-Rail Assemblies
K. Wiegand, T. Konrad, (Daimler); M. Merklein (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)

9:35 Classification-based Optimization and Reliability Assessment using LS-OPT
A. Basudhar, I. Gandikota, N. Stander (LSTC); A. Svedin, C. Belestam (DYNAmore Nordic); K. Witowski (DYNAmore)
Agile Dummy Model Development Illustrated by Refinement Activities of the WorldSID Shoulder Model
R. Brown, G. Stokes (Jaguar Land Rover); U. Franz, S. Stahlschmidt (DYNAmore)
Modeling of Thick UD Composites for Type IV Pressure Vessels
R. Matheis, H. Murnisya (fka Aachen); T. Johansson (DYNAmore Nordic)
Structural Analysis of an Automotive Forming Tool for Large Presses Using LS-DYNA
K. Swidergal , Prof. M. Wagner (OTH Regens­burg); C. Lubeseder, I. von Wurmb, J. Meinhardt (BMW Group);
S. Marburg (University of the Federal Armed Forces)
10:00 Pause


CAE ProcessES
IT – Cloud I

8:20 Crashworthy Design of Composite Structures Using CAE Process Chain
M. Chatiri (Cadfem); T. Schütz (Adam Opel); Prof. A. Matzenmiller (University of Kassel)

Collaboration for Future HPC-based Simulation Technologies

A. Walser (Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart)

Material Failure

using GISSMO

Tutor: F. Andrade (DYNAmore)

8:45 New Technologies for Side Impact Model Set-Up
T. Fokylidis, A. Lioras (BETA CAE Systems)
CAE as a Service as Cloud Platform for the Full LS-DYNA Simulation Process
A. Geiger, K.-H. Hierholz, C. Neimöck (T-Systems)


Speeding up the Pedestrian Protection CAE Process

G. Newlands, C. Archer (Arup)

Experiences with LS-DYNA on Cloud-like Infrastructure
Prof. U. Göhner (DYNAmore)


Increasing Efficiency of the Design Process with an Isogeometric Analysis Plugin for Siemens NX by Analyzing the CAD Model Directly
M. Breitenberger, B. Philipp, R. Wüchner, K.-U. Bletzinger (Technical University Munich); S. Hartmann, A. Haufe (DYNAmore)

CAE Cluster in Microsoft Azure
T. Karmarkar, N. Greising (Microsoft); S. Bala (LSTC)

10:00 Pause


Optimization II
– General
Occupant Safety III
– Dummies
Materials III
– Short/Long Fiber
Process IV
– Composites
10:30 Some LS-OPT Applications in the CAE Development of Injection Molded Thermoplastic Parts
A. Wüst (BASF)
LS-DYNA Model Development of the THOR-M
I. Maatouki, P. Lemmen (Humanetics Europe); Z. Zhou (Humanetics Innovative Solutions)

Digimat Material Model for Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics at Volvo Car Corporation
M. Landervik (DYNAmore Nordic); J. Jergeus (Volvo Car)
Simulation of Forming of Paperboard Packaging using LS-DYNA
M. Schill, J. Karlsson (DYNAmore Nordic); J. Tryding (Tetra Pak)
10:55 Optimization of a Lower Bumper Support regarding Pedestrian Protection Requirements using ANSA and LS-OPT
I. Wetzstein, B. Lauterbach, N. Erzgräber, L. Harzheim (Adam Opel)
LS-DYNA Model Development of the Harmonized Hybrid III 05F Crash Test Dummy
C. Shah (Humanetics Innovative Solutions); C. Kleeßen, R. Kant, P. Lemmen (Humanetics Europe)

Simplified Integrative Simulation of Short Fibre Reinforced Polymers under Varying Thermal Conditions
C. Witzgall, Prof. S. Wartzack (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Forming Simulation of Textile Composites Using LS-DYNA

M. Nishi, T. Hirashima (JSOL)

11:20 X760 Bumper Automation and Optimization Process
T. Zeguer (Jaguar Land Rover)

H-Point Machine and Head Restraint Measurement Device Positioning Tools – Extended Capabilities
B. Walker, L. Cowlam, J. Dennis (Arup); S. Albery, N. Leblanc (Futuris)
Recent Enhancements on Short-Fiber Reinforced Plastics Modeling in LS-DYNA
C. Liebold, A. Erhart (DYNAmore)

A Graphical User Interface for Simulating Resin-Transfer-Molding Combining LS-DYNA and OpenFOAM
M. Wagner, M. Martins-Wagner (OTH Regensburg); A. Haufe, C. Liebold (DYNAmore)

11:45 Multi-Scale Material Parameter Identi­fication using LS-DYNA and LS-OPT
N. Stander, A. Basudhar, U. Basu, I. Gandikota (LSTC); V. Savic (General Motors Company); X. Sun, K. Sil Choi, X. Hu (Pacific Northwest National Labora­tory); Prof. F. Pourboghrat, T. Park, A. Mapar (Michigan State University); S. Kumar, H. Ghassemi-Armaki (Brown University); F. Abu-Farha (Clemson University)
Investigation of Seat Modeling for Sled Analysis and Seat Comfort Analysis with J-SEATdesigner
N. Ichinose, H. Yagi (JSOL)
Short and Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Material Models in LS-DYNA
S. Hartmann, T. Erhart, A. Haufe (DYNAmore); P. Reithofer, B. Jilka (4a engineering)
Modeling Non-Isothermal Thermoforming of Fabric-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
D. Schommer, M. Duhovic, J. Hausmann (University of Kaiserslautern)

12:10 Mittagspause


SDM & Model Reduction IT – Cloud II
Particle Methods – SPH/DEM
10:30 Using LoCo for Multi Run Simulations
R. Luijkx (AUDI); M.Thiele (SCALE)

Making HPC Accessible for SMEs
A. Wierse (Sicos BW)

Application of the SPH Finite Element Method to Evaluate Pipeline Response to Slope Instability and Landslides
A. Fredj, A. Dinovitzer (BMT Fleet Tech-nology); M. Sen (Enbridge Pipelines)

Creating Forming Simulations
with OpenForm

Tutor: K. Kassem Manthey (GNS)


New Developments in LoCo
– the Innovative SDM System

M. Thiele (SCALE)

Scaling LS-DYNA on Rescale
– HPC Cloud Simulation Platform

J. Poort, I. Graedel (Rescale)
Modeling the Behavior of Dry Sand with DEM for Improved Impact Prediction
S. Sridhar, S. K. Vishwakarma (Whirlpool of India)
11:20 Machine Learning Approaches for Repositories of Numerical Simulation Results
Prof. J. Garcke, R. Iza Teran (Fraunhofer SCAI)

HPC on the Cloud: Gompute Support for LS-DYNA Simulations
I. Fernandez, R. Díaz (Gridcore)

Volume-Averaged Stress States for Idealized Granular Materials using Un­bonded Discrete Spheres in LS-DYNA
M. T. Davidson, J. H. Chung, V. Le (Bridge Software Institute); H. Teng, Z. Han (LSTC)
11:45 Small-Overlap Crash Simulation Challenges and Solutionsv
S. R. M. Arepalli, G. Kini, A. Gittens
(ESI Group)

Smart Manufacturing:
CAE as a Service, in the Cloud

W. Gentzsch (The UberCloud)

Discrete Element Analysis of Idealized Granular Geometric Packing Subjected to Gravity
M. Faraone, J. Chung, M. Davidson (University of Florida, Bridge Software Institute)
12:10 Mittagspause


Keynote-VortrÄGE II
13:30 Stochastic Simulations for Crash Worthiness and Occupant Protection
T. Yasuki (Toyota Motor)
14:00 Dummy-Positioning for a Whiplash Load Case using LS-DYNA Implicit
A. Hirth (Daimler); A. Gromer (DYNAmore); T. Borrvall (DYNAmore Nordic)
14:30 Usage of LS-DYNA in Metal Forming
M. Fleischer, A. Lipp, J. Meinhardt, P. Hippchen, I. Heinle, A. Ickes, T. Senner (BMW Group)
15:00 Enabling Effective and Easy to Access Simulation
E. Schnepf (Fujitsu Technology Solutions); S. Gillich (Intel)
15:15 Pause


Optimization III
– Topology
Materials IV – Adhesives/Failure
Process V
15:45 Modeling Adhesively Bonded Joints with *MAT252 and *MAT_ADD_COHESIVE for Practical Applications
F. Burbulla (Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche); A. Matzenmiller, U. Kroll (University of Kassel)

A Weight Balanced Multi-Objective Topology Optimization for Automotive Development
N. Aulig, S. Menzel (Honda Research Institute Europe); E. Nutwell (Ohio State Uiversity); D. Detwiler (Honda R&D)
Strain-Rate Dependant Damage Material Model for Layered Fabric Composites with Delamination Prediction for Impact Simulations
S. Treutenaere, F. Lauro, B. Bennani (University of Valenciennes and Hainaut Cambrésis); T. Matsumoto, E. Mottola (Toyota Motor Europe)
RollerPaG – a Tool for the Automatic Path Generation for Roller Hemming Simulation using LS-DYNA
B. Boll (DYNAmore); O. Ghouati (Ford Research & Advanced Engineering)
16:10 Practical Failure Criterion of Spot Weld for Crash Simulation
J.-H. Lim, J. Ha, C.-Y. Oh (Posco)

Topometry and Shape Optimization of a Hood
Y. H. Han (Hyundai Motor Group); K. Witowski, N. Lazarov, K. Anakiev (DYNAmore)
Predicting Mechanical Behaviour of Reinforced Plastic and Composite Parts
S. Calmels (e-Xstream engineering)
Simulation of the Manufacturing Process of Self-Piercing Rivets with LS-DYNA with Focus on Failure Pediction for Sheets and Rivet
M. Buckley (Jaguar Land Rover); H. Gese, M. Reissner, G. Oberhofer (Matfem Partnerschaft)
16:35 Macroscopic Modeling of Flow Drill Screw Connections
J. K. Sønstabø, D. Morin, M. Langseth  (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Meta-Model Based Optimization of Spot-welded Crash Box using Differential Evolution Algorithm
A. Serdar Önal, Beyçelik Gestamp Kalip ve Oto Yan San. Paz ve Tic.); N. Kaya (Uludağ University)

Implementation of Peridynamic Theory to LS-DYNA for Prediction of Crack Propagation in a Composite Lamina

T. Kahraman (MAN Turkey/ TOBB University of Economics and Technology); U. Yolum, M. A. Guler (TOBB University of Economics and Technology)

Towards Location Specific Statistical Fracture Prediction in High Pressure Die Castings
R. Watson, W. Griffiths (Univerity of Birmingham); T. Zeguer (Jaguar Land Rover); S. Ruffle (JVM Castings)



Process VII
– Welding
15:45 SimWeld and DynaWeld Software Tools to Setup Simulation Models for the Analysis of Welded Structures with LS-DYNA
T. Loose (Ingenieurbüro Tobias Loose); O. Mokrov (RWTH Aachen)
Current Status of LS-PrePost and the New Features in Version 4.2
P. Ho (LSTC)

DEM Modeling

Tutor: N. Karajan (DYNAmore)

New Developments in LoCo
– The innovative SDM Solution

Tutor: M. Thiele (SCALE)

16:10 A Finite Element Investigation Into the Continuous Induction Welding of Dissimilar Material Joints
M. Duhovic, J. Hausmann (Institut für Verbundwerk­stoffe); P. L´Eplattenier, I. Caldichoury (LSTC)
Non-Linear Fracture Mechanics in LS-DYNA and LS-PrePost
P. Lindström (University West/DNV GL Materials Laboratory); A. Jonsson, A. Jernberg (DYNAmore Nordic); E. Østby (DNV GL Materials Laboratory)
16:35 Simulating the Induction Spot Welding of Hybrid Material Joints
M. Didi, D. Wind, M. Duhovic, J. Hausmann (Technical University Kaiserslautern)
A Fabric Material Model with Stress Map Functionality in LS-DYNA
T. Borrvall (DYNAmore Nordic); C. Ehle, T. Stratton (Autoliv OTC)
17:00 Pause


Optimization IV
– Topology
Materials V
Process VI
– Deep Drawing
17:25 Modeling of Self-Piercing Riveted Joints for Crash Simulation – State of the Art and Future Topics
M. Bier, S. Sommer (Fraunhofer IWM)
Topology Optimization of Transient Nonlinear Structures – A Comparative Assessment of Methods
E. J. Wehrle, F. Duddeck (Technical University  Munich); Y. H. Han (Hyundai Motor Group)
Damage in Rubber-Toughened Polymers – Modeling and Experiments
M. Helbig DYNAmore); T. Seelig (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Numerical Analysis of Multistep Ironing of Thin-Wall Aluminium Drawpiece
L. Brodawka, M. Kociolek, M. Siedlik, R. Budzyn, A. Furman (Can-Pack); A. Rekas, T. Latos  (AGH University of Science and Technology)
17:50 Challenges in Tire Modeling for Small Overlap Crashworthiness
S. Bala (LSTC)
Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation Strategies for Lightweight Vehicle Structures
A. Prem, C. Bastien, M. Dickison (Coventry University)

Calculation and Validation of Material Tests with Specimens Made out of Filled Elastomers
P. Thumann, K. Swidergal, Prof. M. Wagner (OTH Regensburg)
Numerical Analysis of Relationship between Height and Geometry of Bottom of a Beverage Can and its Resistance to Increase in Internal Pressure
L. Brodawka, M. Kociolek, M. Siedlik, R. Budzyn, M. Fijalkowski (Can-Pack); T. Latos, A. Rekas (AGH University of Science and Technology)
18:15 On Automatic Crash Model Translation
E. Di Pasquale (SimTech/ Université de Valenciennes)

Optimization of Turbine Blade Fir Tree Root Geometry Utilizing LS-PrePost in Pre- and Postprocessing
J. Jankovec (Research and Testing Institute Plzen)

Optimization of the Blank Holder Stiffness in Deep Drawing Processes by using FEA
R. Radonjic, Prof. M. Liewald, F. Han (University of Stuttgart)

19:00 Sektempfang in der Ausstellung
20:00 Gala Dinner im Frankonia Saal


Process VIII
– Welding
Developer III
– Multiphysics

17:25 Numerical Simulation of Impact Welding Processes with LS-DYNA
C. Pabst, P. Groche
(Technical University Darmstadt)
Generalized Anistropic/Isotropic Porous Media Flows in LS-DYNA
R. R. Paz, F. Del Pin, I. Caldichoury (LSTC); H. G. Castro (Conicet)

Get Stuck in using AIRBAG_PARTICLE? and Recent Development

Tutor: J. Wang (LSTC)

Setting up an Implicit Simulation

Tutor: T. Erhart (DYNAmore)


Evaluation of Electromagnetism Capabilities of LS-DYNA: Alternative Heating Processes
E. Grippon, T. Senart, V. Lapoujade (DynaS+)

Chemically Reactive Flows in Airbag Inflator Chambers
K. Im, G. Cook Jr., Z. Zhang (LSTC)
18:15 Cohesive Contact Modeling in Thermoforming Simulations of Metal-CRFP-Metal Sandwich Sheets
Ö. Cebeci, A. Zeiser (Inpro Innovations­gesellschaft für fortgeschrittene Produk­tionssysteme in der Fahrzeug­industrie); M. von Scheven (University of Stuttgart)
Recent Developments in the Electromagnetic Module: A New 2D Axi-Symmetric EM Solver
P. L‘Eplattenier, I. Çaldichoury (LSTC)
9:00 Sektempfang in der Ausstellung
20:00 Gala Dinner im Frankonia Saal

Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2015


Crash V
Multiphysics I
Simulation III – Blast/Penetration
Process IX –
Cutting / Model rEduction

An Advanced Identification Procedure for Material Model Parameters based on Image Analysis
L. Peroni, M. Scapin, C. Fichera (Politecnico di Torino)
The Influence of Johnson-Cook Parameters on SPH modeling of Orthogonal Cutting of AISI 316L
A. A. Olleak, H. El-Hofy (Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology); M. N. A. Nasr (Alexandria University)
8:55 Highly Advanced M&S System for Marine Accident Cause Investigation using FSI Analysis Technique
S. Lee (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)
A Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Flow in Circular U-Bend
A. Miloud, M. Aounallah, O. Imine, M. Guen (University of Science and Technology of Oran Algeria)
Model Based Design of Pressure Profiles for Pyrotechnic Actuator using SPH Method & LS-OPT Solution
E. Kantor, Y. Lev (Rafael)
SPH Modeling of Cutting Forces while Turning of Ti6Al4V Alloy
A. A. Olleak, H. El-Hofy (Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology)
9:20 Use of Forming Limit Curve as a Failure Criterion in Maritime Crash Analysis
B. Atli-Veltin, L. Vredeveldt (TNO)
Numerical Investigation of the Nozzle Number on the Performance of Conical Vortex Tube
M. Guen, O. Imine, A. Miloud (University of Science and Technology of Oran Algeria)
LS-DYNA Air Blast Techniques: Comparisons with Experiments for Close-in Charges
L. Schwer (Schwer Engineering); H. Teng (LSTC); M. Souli (University of Lille)
Simulation of Circular Sawing Proccesses
H. Vazquez Martinez (Fraunhofer IPA)

9:45 Non-Structural Mass Modeling in Aircraft Impact Analysis using Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics
M. Kostov, M. Miloshev, Z. Nikolov,
I. Klecherov (Risk Engineering)
Validation of Fluid Analysis Capabilities in LS-DYNA Based on Experimental Result
S. Tokura (Tokura Simulation Research)
ALE/FSI AirBlast Modeling: On the Way to one Billion Elements
N. Van Dorsselaer, V. Lapoujade (DynaS+)

Model Reduction Techniques for LS-DYNA ALE and Crash Applications
K. Kayvantash, A.-T. Thiam (CADLM); S. B. Chaabane, J. Touzeau (Silkan)
10:10 Pause


Simulation V
– Materials 
Developer IV

LS-TaSC Product Status
K. Witowski, P. Schumacher (Dynamore); W. Roux (LSTC)

Dynamics Plastic Material Characterization with the 4a/Impetus Pendulum

Tutors: A. Fertschej, P. Reithofer, M. Rollant (4a Engineering); A. Förderer (DYNAmore)

Sheet Metal Forming Simulation with DYNAFORM

Tutor: A. Farahani (Engineering Technology Associates)

8:55 Mechanical Response Modeling of Different Porous Metal Materials
Prof. M. Vesenjak, M. Borovinšek,
A. Kovačič, M. Ulbin, Z. Ren
(University of Maribor)
Recent Developments for Thermo-Mechanically Coupled Simulations in LS-DYNA with Focus on Welding Processes
T. Klöppel (DYNAmore); T. Loose (Ingenieurbüro Tobias Loose)
9:20 Development of a Tool for Automatic Calibration of Material Models in LS-DYNA
A. Mardalizad ( Polytechnic University of Turin); E. Sadeghipour, M. Lienkamp (Technical Universit
y Munich)
Improvements to LS- DYNA Implicit Mechanics
R. Grimes (LSTC)

9:45 Verification of the Part-Composite Approach for Modeling the Multi-Layered Structure of a Rolling Truck Tire
S. Shokouhfar, S. Rakheja (Concordia University)
MPP Contact: Options and Recommendations
B. Wainscott (LSTC)

10:10 Pause


Crash VI
– Material
Multiphysics II
Simulation IV – Blast/Penetration
Simulation VI
– Cracks
10:40 Ductile Fracture Prediction with Forming Effects Mapping of Press Hardened Steels
L. Knoerr, T. Faath, S. Sikora (ThyssenKrupp Steel NA); P. Woelke, B. Benowitz, B. Hiriyur (Weidlinger Associates)
Analysis of Unsteady Aerodynamics of a Car Model with Radiator in Dyna­­mic Pitching Motion using LS-DYNA
Y. Nakae, J. Takamitsu, H. Tanaka, T. Yasuki (Toyota Motor)
An Assessment of ALE Mapping Technique for Buried Charge Simulations
I. Kurtoğlu (FNSS Savunma Sistemleri)

Three-Point Bending Crack Propagation Analysis of Beam Subjected to Eccentric Impact Loading by X-FEM
T. Tsuda, Y. Ohnishi, R. Ohtagaki (Itochu Techno-Solutions); K. Cho, T. Fujimoto (Kobe University)
11:05 Probabilistic Analysis of Process Chain “Forming to Crash“ Regarding Failure Prediction
B. Özarmut, H. Richter (ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe); A. Brosius (Technical University Dresden)
Analysis of an Automobile Roof Panel under Strongly Coupled Fluid Structure Interaction using LS-DYNA
D. Detwiler (Honda R&D Americas)
An Investigation of AL7075-T651 Plate Perforation Using Different Projectile Nose Shapes
B. Balaban, İ. Kurtoğlu (FNSS Savunma Sistemleri)
Keep the Material Model Simple with Input from Elements that Predict the Correct Deformation Mode
Prof. T. Tryland (Sintef Raufoss Manufactu­­ring); T. Berstad (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
11:30 Development of a Fully-Tabulated, Anisotropic and Asymmetric Material Model for LS-DYNA (*MAT_264)
S. Haight, C.-D. Kan (George Mason University); P. Du Bois (Consultant)
Ground Vehicle Aerodynamics using LS-DYNA
F. Del Pin, I. Caldichoury, R. R. Paz (LSTC)

Modeling of Ballistic Impact of Fragment Simulating Projectiles against Aluminum Plates
T. Fras, L. Colard, B. Reck (French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis)

Damping Modeling in Woven Lattice Materials
S. Szyniszewski (University of Surrey); S. Ryan, S. Ha, Y. Zhang, T. Weihs, K. Hemker, J.K. Guest (The Johns Hopkins University Baltimore)

11:55 Comparison of Crash Models for Ductile Plastics
B. Croop, M. Lobdell, H. Lobo (DatapointLabs)

Shock Response Analysisof Blast Hardened Bulkhead in Naval Ship under Internal Blast
S.-G. Lee, H.-S. Lee, J.-S. Lee (Korea Maritime & Ocean University); Y. Y. Kim, G. G. Choi (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Solving of Crash Problems of the Fuel Supply Modules in the Fuel Tank
M. Dobeš, J. Navratil (Robert Bosch)
12:20 Mittagspause


Simulation VII
– Drop Test/BIO
Developer V
– Elements

Drop Test Simulation and Verification of a Dishwasher Mechanical Structure

O. Mulkoglu, M. A. Guler (TOBB University of Economics and Technology); H. Demirbag (Arcelik)

Edge-to-Edge Cohesive Shell Elements in LS-DYNA
J. Karlsson (DYNAmore Nordic);
M. Fagerström (Chalmers University)

Welding and Heat Treatment
with LS-DYNA

Tutors: T. Loose (Ing.-büro Loose); T. Klöppel (DYNAmore)

Modeling Composites

Tutor: C. Liebold (DYNAmore)

11:05 Impact Simulations on Home Appliances to Optimize Packaging Protection: A Case Study on a Refrigerator
D. Hailoua Blanco, A. Ortalda (Engin­soft); F. Clementi (Electrolux Italia)
A New Feature to Model Shell-Like Structures with Stacked Elements
T. Erhart (DYNAmore)
11:30 A Variable Finite Element Model of the Overall Human Masticatory System for Evaluation of Stress Distributions During Biting and Bruxism
S. Martinez, J. Lenz, Prof. K. Schweizer­hof (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology); H. Schindler (University of Heidelberg)
Isogeometric Analysis in LS-DYNA: Using CAD-Geometry for Numerical Simulation
Prof. D. Benson (University of California), D. Bhalsod, P. Ho, L. Li, W. Li, A. Nagy,
I. Yeh (LSTC); S. Hartmann (DYNAmore)


12:20 Mittagspause


13:40 Under Body Vulnerability and Design Loads Prediction using LS-DYNA at Jaguar Land Rover
P. Khapane (Jaguar Land Rover)
14:10 CAE and Testing Dreams for 2020
C. Lemaitre (Faurecia)
14:40 Joint Analytical/Experimental Constitutive and Failure Model Development
P. Du Bois (Consultant); J. Seidt (Ohio State University)
15:10 Pause
15:40 Nonlinear Analysis 1980 - 2020
M. Lawson (Rolls-Royce)
16:10 Recent Developments in LS-DYNA – Part II
J. O. Hallquist, B. Wainscott and other developers (LSTC)
16:40 Verabschiedung / Verlosung

T. Münz (DYNAmore)



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