The CASIMIR Model for Simulation in Seating Comfort Applications – A Status Update for LS-DYNA

For those who spend a lot of ti me driving, issues of comfort can become issues of health and safety. Therefore seating comfort is an important point in the seat development. Currently, the OEM and Tier - 1 are mainly using experimental setups with test drivers for the evaluation of seating comfort. An enhanced seat development is possible by a virtual analysis using software tools like Wölfel Group’s CASIMIR/Automotive [1] . The virtual analysis shows the advantages that non-measureable quantities can be evaluated, the results are reproducible, the assessment is objective and the application is feasible within the early development phase, leading to reduced time and cost expenditure. The human body model CASIMIR is currently only available for ABAQUS. To open the model to a wider range of customers, the model is converted to LS-DYNA. This paper gives an overview about the procedure, model and the current status of translation.