Current Status of LS-PrePost and the New Features in Version 4.2

LS-PrePost is an advance pre and post-processor that is delivered free of charge with LS-DYNA. It is designed and developed specially to support LS-DYNA in pre-processing and post-processing all in one single code. The main features in the pre-processing include CAD geometry creation and manipulation. A wide range of meshing capabilities including automatic mesh generation for surfaces, hexahedron and tetrahedron elements generation for solid. Comprehensive LS-DYNA keyword data support. Other non-mesh data creation and editing, model checking, and special applications such as Metal Forming, Airbag Folding, Dummy Positioning, Seat Belt Fitting, etc. For post-processing, LS- PrePost 4.2 provides time sequent animation of the model with rendering in fast rendering mode that is many times faster than the old version of LS-PrePost. Stress/strain and other elemental data can be fringed in color band with range setting dynamically or statically or by user defined. Extensive x-y plotting is also available for history data. LS-PrePost also can read smaller time step history data files created by LS-DYNA such as Binout file or ASCII files. LS-PrePost 4.2 also provides a Scripting Command Language (SCL) that accepts and executes LS-PrePost commands and can be programmed by user to extract LS-DYNA result data, user can then manipulate these data to create new data set that can also be feedback into the rendering system for visualization. In this presentation, we will introduce some of the new features that are available in version 4.2. We will also discuss the current development work for the future version.