Comparison of ES-2re with ES-2 and USSID Dummy – Considerations for ES-2re model in FMVSS Tests

For almost 2 years the ES-2 dummy is used to predict occupant injury risk in side impact crashes in EURO-NCAP. Recently, NHTSA announced that a modified version of the ES-2, the ES-2re is likely to substitute the USSID in the FMVSS 214. Hence, the knowledge gained with the ES-2 might be also useful to design cars in accordance with the regulation FMVSS 214. The paper discusses various simulations to investigate the behavior of the models. One emphasis is to penetrate if and under which circumstances the ES-2re dummy behaves different from the ES-2 and if the modeling technique for the ES-2 model is sufficient to achieve accurate results for the ES-2re dummy. The simulations contain simple rigid barriers as well as sub models using a detailed seat model and the deformable door and b-pillar. Another emphasis is a comparison between the ES-2re and the USSID model in barrier tests. Finally, results of the ES-2re and the USSID model from a vehicle side crash simulation are compared.

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