Shape Optimization of a Crashbox using HyperMorph and LS-OPT

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate how to improve the performance of a crashbox by the application of shape optimization using HyperMorph and LS-OPT. Two load cases for the crashbox are considered: low speed front crash with initial load in x-direction and low speed crash with initial load 10° rotated with respect to the x-axis. Possible beads and geometry variations are parameterized with HyperMorph. The parameters that define the shape variations in HyperMorph are controlled by LS-OPT and be exchanged via a dedicated interface. The main quality criterion for the crashbox is the smoothness of the force values which occur during the energy absorption. This means, a force-intrusion curve with a horizontal line, after a specific force level is reached, would be the ideal case. The formulation of the optimization problem takes this into account by minimizing the difference between the maximum and the minimum force values of the force-intrusion curve during the folding process. Simultaneously several restrictions regarding the producibility and the folding mechanism have to be considered.

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