Implicitly parametric CRASH and NVH analysis models in the vehicle concept design phase

Early validation of new vehicle concepts is becoming more and more important. This validation process must involve many disciplines whilst making optimum use of the information available for the respective development stage and integrating such information quickly into the analysis models. Information has to be prioritized in line with the development stage and the depth of information given at any point in time. Although the design and validation process differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, the importance of early function validation is becoming increasingly obvious. The functional requirements are determined by many complex factors and often involve a target conflict. Validating passive safety is a priority target compared to other function criteria, such as vibration comfort, vehicle dynamics and acoustic properties. The need for early CAE validation inevitably changes the traditional design and drafting process. The geometric models for the vehicle body or of its components must be assessable in the early development phase. These models have to be flexible enough to adapt to dynamically changing information depending on the variety of functional requirements. This article presents the contribution which SFE CONCEPT can make towards the early validation of CRASH and NVH requirements.

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