Robust and Realistic LSDYNA Crashworthiness and Safety models by EASi-CRASH DYNA

EASi CRASH DYNA can highly optimize the product development life cycle to meet the growing demand for robust and high quality products. Tough competition, strict mandatory regulations and global norms have forced the engineers and scientists to develop innovative ideas and solutions to meet the growing demand. The concept of Virtual prototyping, in the automotive sector, with the aid of FE-based analysis, has drastically reduced the life cycle of new car programmes and assessment. The reliability of the output from any FE model is based on robust and realistic representation of physics of the model. To develop accurate models, the CAE engineers have a great necessity for innovative pre-processing and post-processing tools. This paper will present necessary accessories required in pre-processing and post-processing tools, to develop robust, realistic, crash and safety models and to evaluate the results for simulation with LSDYNA - exemplified with use cases from OEMs and major safety suppliers.

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