(The Geotechnical & Structures Laboratory of the US Army Engineering Research & Development Center (ERDC) has a well characterized 45.6 MPa unconfined compression strength concrete, that is commonly used as the ‘standard concrete’ in many numerical simulations. The purpose of this manuscript is to compare the laboratory material characterization of this standard concrete with the corresponding material responses from the so called K&C Concrete Model, as implemented in LSDYNA Version 971 Release 5266 as *Mat_Concrete_Damage_Rel3 , i.e. Release III of the K&C Concrete Model. A key aspect of this comparison is that the model’s default parameters, for an unconfined compressive strength of 45.6 MPa, are used in all the material characterization simulations. Thus the constitutive model inputs are trivial, yet the complex response for many different types of material characterization tests are adequately reproduced. Where the constitutive model response differs significantly from the laboratory characterization suggestions are provided for how model users could improve the comparison via additional model parameter calibration.

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