Simulationsmethodik für das Hinterspritzen/Hinterpressen von textilen Einbauteilen im Automobilinnenraum

The following presentation shows new ways in simulation methods of textile applications in the field of automotive interiors. Nowadays the virtual estimation of production processes and virtual prediction of the behaviour of products is widely far an industrial standard. The advantages for the development are mainly in the decrease of time-to-market and the increase in quality and reliability. One of the main production processes in textile applications is backmoulding. The first step of this very physical sophisticated process is to deep-draw a textile. Deep drawing simulations for textile applications are also unusual. The next step is to backmould the preformed textile by a polymer-melt out of an injection moulding machine. At the moment it is only possible, to simulate a normal injection process, to discover the flow-, pressure-, temperature-, shrinkage- and warp-behaviour. This is the reason why eybl Austria GmbH and advanced polymer engineering GmbH have decided to develop new virtual methods, for a better performance and a better process-estimation in developing new textile interior parts. Therefore own software routines and material characterisations are carried out, to support and optimize injection moulding and deep drawing simulations. First results out of these studies show the possible potential of the new simulation methods.

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