Developments in Occupant and Seat Modelling with Primer 9.3 German LS-DYNA Conference 2006

There is constant pressure to reduce the time needed to process design data into crash results (mesh, assemble, create different crash cases, check, run, post-process). The meshing step has been reduced by batch meshing technology, and progress has been made in several other areas such as automatic post-processing. Attention is now turning to the remaining bottlenecks, which include occupant and seat positioning. These steps require careful manual work and cannot currently be automated. The problem is magnified by the large number of seat position/dummy combinations. • It is intended that Primer Version 9.3 will solve these problems, by providing fast methods of dummy positioning, seat positioning, seat foam compression, and belt fitting. The development work is not complete at this time; the paper gives a brief overview of work-inprogress and future direction.

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