LS-DYNA Data Management Using Visual-Environment

Realistic Simulation is considered to be the most important part of Simulation Based Design (SBD) in the product development cycle. Realistic simulations can not be achieved just by using currently available CAE pre and post processing functionalities alone. Many of the complex requirements of CAE modeling need to be addressed by having a synchronized CAD and CAE environment. CAE analysts need a tool, which will allow them to control variables, manage data, adapt the changes, and transport across different disciplines of analysis such as Crash, Safety, NVH and Durability. ESI’s Open VTOS™ application called “Visual-Environment (VE)” provides such capabilities as a complete solution to SBD. VE is an integrated suite of pre-post, CAE data management tools synchronizing CAD and CAE. It also provides several contexts based on individual FE solvers. Visual-Crash DYNA (VCD) is for LSDYNA model setup, Visual-Composer (VCO) is for model assembling and data management by linking CAD (Geometry) and FE (Physics). VCO and VCD allow managing LS-DYNA model data linking to corresponding CAD assemblies. It helps to adapt fast design changes, communicate the engineering changes back to design, and to track the models and solutions of multiple iterations. Visual-Safe is an advanced pre-processor for safety features, Visual-Mesh a general purpose meshing tool, Visual-Viewer (VVI)-a general purpose plotting and simulation application, Visual-Life Nastran (VLN) a general purpose pre processor for NASTRAN, Visual-Process Executive-an application for process customization and automation are the other contexts to name a few. This paper describes the LS-DYNA data management functionalities of Visual-Environment in Crash and Safety simulation with productivity examples and process automation.

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