Numerische Nachbildung der Crashfront von faserverstärkten Strukturen mit Hilfe von Mehrschalenmodellen

The numerical simulation of the crash front in composite structures is up to now difficult. The reason is based on the complex failure phaenomena in the crushing area (fibre fracture, matrix failure, delamination, etc.). To improve the numerical results a so called ‘stacked shell’ model for laminated composites which is typically used for impact modelling was also used to simulate ‘segment’ specimen under crushing loads. Static and dynamic experimental investigations (tension and compression coupon tests) were performed to determine/measure the elastic and failure properties of basic laminated material. In this paper the experimental and numerical results of one specific CFRP laminate are presented. In general, the stacked shell models led to good results but the quality depends on the mesh size. The elements edge length should not be significant larger as 3 mm. Otherwise no stable crash front can be initiated.

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