Development of Detailed Finite Element Dummy Models

Various numerical models of crash test dummies have been developed over the last decade ranging from rigid body models to deformable models. Today, these models have become an integral part of vehicle interior and restraint development. There is an ever increasing need for accurate and detailed finite element (FE) models of these crash test dummies in the academia, government and industry to further advance the performance of these models with respect to their physical counterparts. In addition, these numerical models can provide a means to further improve the bio-fidelity of the crash test dummies in various impact scenarios. To this end, the National Crash Analysis Centre (NCAC) recently started developing a suite of highly detailed public domain FE models of the crash test dummies. This paper presents the current status of the Hybrid III 50th percentile dummy model development. The methodology is based on the premise that the model must be based on the fundamentals of mechanics, focusing directly on component geometry and material mechanical properties. Furthermore, the model should be created and validated at the component level and then integrated and re-evaluated at a system level to ensure accuracy. All parts of the existing Hybrid III 50th percentile dummy are incorporated in their original manufacturer intended form and function.

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