Springback Compensation for Incremental Sheet Metal Forming Applications

Incremental CNC sheet forming (ISF) and incremental sheet forming with incremental die (ISFID) are relatively new sheet form process for small batch production and prototyping. In these processes, a blank is shaped by the CNC movements of simple tools in combination with a simplified die or without die at all. The standard forming strategies for the traditional ISF process normally use some kind if die in order to increase the accuracy of the final part. However the ISF process and the ISFID introducegreat residual stresses to sheet during the forming which lead to geometrical deviations after releasing the fixation of the sheet. These residual stresses vary based on material selection and geometry of the formed part. This paper deals with a procedere to account for the geometrical deviations based on the residual stresses by applying a compensation to them with a software tool which takes care of special ISF and ISFID requirements like maximum wall angle or minimal radii. As this software tool is part of a software designed for ISFID at EADS Innovation Works, several links and specialities of this process variation are used for the compensation tool described in this paper and might not be applicable to the standard and traditional ISF process.

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