Kurzfaserverstärkte Kunststoffbauteile - Einfluss der prozessbedingten Faserorientierung auf die Strukturmechanik

In the field of automotive applications the use of short fiber reinforced polymers is very common. Due to the injection molding process and the filling behavior of the geometry the fibers are orientated. On a simple mind model various material laws of LS DYNA are used, to determine their usefulness for the description of different fiber orientations. For an accurate simulation of structural parts the production process has to be considered thoroughly. An interaction between injection molding process simulation and structural analysis is required to build up the comprehensive simulation process. For that reason special in-house developed software routines (“fibermapping”) are used to transfer the fiber information between different meshes. Finally the influence of the fiber orientation on material properties can be taken into account by micro mechanic models (Mori-Tanaka mean field theory). In a concrete case study the use of the comprehensive simulation process is shown and compared with standard simulation processes working without consideration of fiber orientation.

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