Efficient Topology, Topometry and Sizing Optimisation for LS-DYNA Analysis Problems - Coupling LS-DYNA to VR&D GENESIS

For a number of years the application of efficient gradient based design optimisation has been available for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) working within the linear loading domain. Methods such as Topology optimisation have become common place in many industries, such as automotive, to determine the optimal load path distribution for a given component or assembly. To date, methods such as topology optimisation have not been able to consider non-linear effects such as material non-linearity and contact, therefore limiting the application to many real world events such as dynamic impacts and quasi-static, non-linear problems. This paper outlines the solution developed by GRM Consulting Ltd to allow the efficient design optimisation of LS-DYNA based problems by coupling directly to the efficient solvers within VR&D GENESIS. The method allows for optimisation using all optimisation methods within GENESIS to be applied to LS-DYNA problems including,Topology, Size, Shape and Topometry. Further to the support of LS-DYNA the interface has additionally been developed to couple to ABAQUS/Standard.

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