Modeling Techniques for Predictive and Robust Dummy Models - Comparison with Validation and Verification Considerations in Other Applications (D)

In many load cases models from third parties are used during vehicle development. Since many years the authors work in development on different dummy models. The projects are in cooperation with organizations of the German automotive industry. The models are world wide used by the LS-DYNA user community. The paper describes the methodology of the development and the techniques applied to achieve reliable, robust and predictive models. In nuclear and defense industry a systematic process called Verification and Validation (V&V) is applied to ensure the predictability and reliability of computational analyses. Since the consequences of a wrong simulation result might cause huge damage in such applications a significant effort is put in developing reliable and accurate numerical models. A summary of the state of the art V&V process is published in ‘Verification, Validation, and Predictive Capability in computational engineering and Physics’ from Oberkampf, Trucano and Hirsch [1]. This paper presents aspects of the V&V methodology published in [1] and examines if the methods used in dummy model development are comparable.

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