Durability Analysis of the Door with Simulation of the Door Endurance Test with LS-DYNA and FEMFAT

This paper presents a method to analyse the door endurance test of commercial vehicles. The door endurance test simulates the opening and closing activities of the customers. To simulate this durability of the door a combination between LS-DYNA and FEMFAT is suggested. Input of the LS-DYNA analysis is the velocity of the door. The LS-DYNA-Analysis is split in 4 stages: (1) Opening – Run over the notches, (2) Opening – Fall in the stop, (3) Closing – Run over the notches and (4) Closing – Fall in the seal, buffer and lock. The results of the 4 stages are transient stresses. This stresses are the basic of the durability analysis with FEMFAT. For the comparison with the real test FEMFAT calculates damage.

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