Simulation - Quo Vadis

Siemens PLM Software is conducting a study together with the CAEvolution GmbH on the requirements, trends and expected benefits of simulation in the automotive industry. Why automotive you might ask yourself. Well automotive is a very important market not only in Central Europe, and even more important, Automotive together with Aerospace are the technological drivers for simulation. Recently a development responsible of a leading engineering company said to the point, “I am studying what Automotive is doing today in their product development, then I know where I have to be in 3 or 5 years.” Do you know where you want to be or have to be with your simulation in 3 or 5 years? To help you answer this question I would like to provide some stimulation today. Before I go into the details of the study, let me put simulation into its context first. This is result no. 1 from the study: Simulation cannot be looked at isolated anymore.

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