Optimierung eines Ver­bund­si­cher­heits­glas­mo­dells für Kopfaufprall auf Windschutzscheibe

Laminated glass is used especially for windscreens and sun-roofs in automotive industry. Pedestrian safety and side impact resistance are in focus of the automotive development. For simulation of head impact on windscreen, side and pole impact or roof crush a predictive model of the laminated glass parts is needed. TECOSIM has developed several glass models in deep cooperation with OEMs. For further improvement of the laminated glass model we establish a funded research project. An advanced laminated glass model developed at TECOSIM will respect more physical parameters as state-of-the-art models, e.g. pre-stress situation if the windscreen and shear stiffness of the PVB layer. All knowledge will be carried over to all mayor crash solvers, e.g. LS-DYNA. The presentation shows the actual status of the research project at TECOSIM.

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