WorldSID 50th vs. ES-2 - A Comparison Based on Simulations

For testing side impact performance of vehicles two recent male-sized dummies are available. Currently only the ES-2(re) is used in regulations and consumer test. It is expected that the WorldSID will be used for some load cases as substitute or in addition to the ES-2(re). Since only limited experience with the WorldSID is available, simulation is a ideal tool to face the upcoming challenge. The comparison employs detailed finite element dummy models of the ES-2(re) and WorldSID which have been developed in cooperation with the German Association for Automotive Research (FAT) and the Partnership for Dummy Technology and Biomechanics (PDB) during the last years. The paper compares the behaviour of the dummy in selected body regions. It showcases in different load cases if the experiences gained with the ES-2(re) can be used to design a vehicle for tests with the WorldSID.

application/pdf D-I-02.pdf — 3.6 MB