Equivalent Static Loads Method for Non Linear Static Response Structural Optimization

Linear static response structural optimization using the finite element method for linear static analysis has been significantly developed. However, there is very little development of structural optimization where a non linear static analysis technique is required. To solve various structural optimization problems based on non linear analyses, the Equivalent Static Loads method for non linear static response Structural Optimization (ESLSO) has been proposed. ESLSO is a structural optimization method where equivalent static loads (ESLs) are utilized as external loads for linear static response optimization. The ESL is defined as the static load that generates the same displacement field by an analysis which is not linear static. An analysis that is not linear static is carried out to evaluate the displacement field. ESLs are evaluated from the displacement field, linear static response optimization is performed by using the ESLs, and the design is updated. This process proceeds in a cyclic manner. There are various ESLs methods according to the characteristics of the problems. In this paper, ESLSO using ESLs for displacement is introduced and various case studies are demonstrated.

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