Process optimised FEA- Calculation for Hydroforming Components

Since the beginning of the 90s Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Forming Simulation has gained importance in design and realization of hydroformed components [1]. It has been used in process design from the first layout to serial production [2]. There are now many installations of appropriate software systems in forming technology companies as well as numerous publications on this topic. The possibilities of further reduction of costs, increased returns during simultaneous development-time reduction are largely exhausted without the optimized application of FEA Forming Simulation. At the same time however the pressure of global competition to reduce development costs, time and improvements in quality has arisen. Based on these facts it has to be searched for new rationalization concepts in the surrounding field of the FEA Forming Simulation. This contribution pursues the principal purpose: to present a new simulation concept for the reduction of costs and time of component feasibility studies. This new concept gives enterprises suggestions to re-organize FEA Forming Simulation. In addition to that, the difference between the “classical FEA simulation approach” and the "new approach" will be shown in order to present the improvement.