Stress Analysis of Connector Pin Produced by Reverse Stamping Process with LS-DYNA Numerical Simulation and Comparison to Experiments

The conventional progressive stamping process used in producing connector pin makes the pin-shift from side to side due to elastic recovery reffered to springback phenomenon. As the solution of this problem, the reverse stamping process was introduced to the production process of connector pin in LG Cable. In this study, we performed research on the feasibility of reverse stamping process to support a design guide of which process. For this research, we tested specimens made of the connector pin materials, and built up the finite element model to simulate the failure mode of the section of the connector pin. The nonlinear analysis for these stamping process was performed using LS-DYNA. Through these nonlinear finite element analysis, we suggest the level of lifter force letting the section shape of the connector pin better and we used LS-DYNA for the practical approach than theoritical appoach.