Virtual Die Tryout of Miniature Stamping Parts

The authors would like to present the whole procedure of using dynamic explicit finite element method to aid multi-stage miniature stamping die design. How to cost down and time saving are the key issues for tool maker in Taiwan. It has been applied to many automobile components and metalwork successfully by computer aided design and engineering analysis. In this paper, we dedicated our application of these technologies to small scale stamping parts. The trick of mass scaling for speed up the computation of LS-DYNA and control its effect in dynamic behavior for miniature blank sheet will be described in this paper. Die designers can operate die try out many times during one day on their desk top personal computer for their different processes changed. A mini scale ball bearing retainer stamping part was demonstrated. The history of metal flow and its thickness variation for pre-form stage and finished-form stage in real test were matched with the simulation results. It has been approved that the accuracy of numerical result is good for miniature sheet metal part. By this way, we have saved many try and error tests for die modify and try out in reality.