The RHT concrete model in LS-DYNA

The RHT concrete model is implemented in LS-DYNA. It is a macro-scale material model that incorporates features that are necessary for a correct dynamic strength description of concrete at impact relevant strain rates and pressures. The shear strength of the model is described by means of three limit surfaces; the inelastic yield surface, the failure surface and the residual surface, all dependent on the pressure. The post-yield and post-failure behaviors are characterized by strain hardening and damage, respectively, and strain rate effects is an important ingredient in this context. Furthermore, the pressure is governed by the Mie-Gruneisen equation of state together with a p-α model to describe the pore compaction hardening effects and thus give a realistic response in the high pressure regime. Validations have been performed on smaller test examples and a contact detonation application is presented to illustrate the performance of the proposed model.