LS-DYNA application to develop a package for air transportation of fissile materials

Object of computer study is a package for FM storage and transportation based on a container AT-400R [1]. Shock and fire resistant container AT-400R was designed at Sandia National Laboratories (USA) and was tested by US and Russian specialists in compliance with the IAEA regulations [2], including cases of flooding, falling of a slab with mass 500 kg from the height of 9 m, container dropping from the height of 1 m onto the pin 150 mm in diameter. In the frames of the ISTC projects # 1216 and 1449, performed computation proved that the IAEA regulations to safe transportation of FM are met. Besides, computation determined limited loading, when 500 kg slab falls from the height of 50 m and freefall of the container from the height of 50 m. When this limited value of loading is outranged, inner containment vessel looses tightness. The objective of this work is to develop a package, based on this container, for FM air transportation, which will provide FM pressure-sealing in conditions that are regulated by up-to-date IAEA requirements – package collision with a target at a velocity 90 m/s.