An Overview of User Defined Interfaces in LS-DYNA

The user-defined features in LS-DYNA are powerful tools that allow users in academia or industry to verify research results in the context of general and complicated finite element applications. Implementation work concerns only the special field of interest, and there is no need for the comprehensive task of developing and maintaining the complete finite element software. The most popular user interface is for material modeling. But there also exist user interfaces for structural elements, airbag sensors, solution control, friction, interface control, weld failure, loads, output control, adaptivity, thermal contact, and others. An overview of current user-defined interfaces in LS-DYNA version 971 R5.0 will be presented. The aim of this contribution is to bring together the possibilities to add own numerical models and algorithms to the code. Therefore, each interface is described in its functionality. It will be explained, how to activate the particular interface in the input, where to find the corresponding subroutine, and which input/output arguments can be used.