Numerical Simulation of consequences of passenger aircraft tyre damage

All new-designed passenger aircrafts have to meet strict national and international safety requirements in accidents. One of the accidents is pneumatic tyre failure (a tyre burst). Because of that the tyre can be fragmented. An air stream from the tyre and some tyre pieces under the air stream can impact on vitally important aircraft system elements in the landing gear box and disable or break them. In this case a designer has to provide a documentary evidence of system assembly reliability in possible accident cases considered. The problem solution by means of direct full-scale tests is too much expensive. Therefore the experimental-numerical method based on the optimal combination of a detailed computer simulation and model experiments for the computer simulation verification can be used. Numerical simulation and some experimental results of dynamic elastic-plastic deformation researches of some aircraft system subjected to the air flow pressure and the tyre piece impact are presented in the paper. The numerical investigations are performed by means of gas-dynamics and ®structural strength conjugate problem solution on the basis of STAR-CCM+ and LS-DYNA software.