Crashseminar in Schweden

Das Seminar "Advanced training class in impact analysis in LS-DYNA" findet von 20 - 23 Nov. in Linköping, Schweden statt. Kursleiter: Paul Du Bois.

This very popular course is taught by Paul du Bois. Paul du Bois has a very long experience from crash FE analyses and has been consulting for all leading automotive companies. It has been said that every serious LS-DYNA user should attend this course at least once.

The number of attendee is limited to 12.

This course is intended for the LS-DYNA user working on impact problems, and in particular on crashworthiness problems. The course gives a guideline on how to set up the often complex FE models, how to chose the element types, material models, contact interfaces etc. Many common pitfalls are discussed and solutions for their elimination are given.

Prior knowledge: Attendees are expected to have a basic understanding of the
finite element method and LS-DYNA.

Location, duration: 4 days, 20 - 23 November 2012, Lonköping, Sweden

Extras: One evening meal/dinner is included for courses given  in Linköping.

Course outline:

  • Modelling guidelines for small and large deformation problems
  • Modelling crashworthiness and impact related problems
  • Elasto-plastic and elasto-viscoplastic models for metals, foams and
  • Modelling of dummies and impactors
  • Airbag simulations
  • Side-impact simulations and component models
  • Barrier models