IDDRG 2010 Konferenz

International Deep Drawing Research Group, 31. Mai - 2. Juni, Graz, Österreich

The IDDRG (Deep Drawing Research Group) was founded in 1960. Initially the IDDRG held a conference in even numbered years and working group meetings yearly. The purpose of the working groups was to allow experts from a number of countries to discuss important technical issues. Starting in 2003 the old system was replaced with an annual conference.

IDDRG conferences bring together production specialists, researchers, and academics from all over the world for presentations on relevant and challenging technical topics in sheet metal forming technology. The conference is designed to provide ample opportunity for interactions and discussions.

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Supporttage LS-DYNA
Stuttgart, 20.01.2017
Warmumformen mit LS-DYNA
Stuttgart, 24.01.2017
Angewandte Umformsimulation mit eta/DYNAFORM
Stuttgart, 26.01.2017
Einführung in LS-DYNA
Versailles (FR), 01.02.2017
Elementtypen & nichtlineare Aspekte
Stuttgart, 08.02.2017
Infotag Dummy Modelle
Stuttgart, 21.02.2017
Infotag Optimierung/DOE/Robustheit
Infotag PRIMER
Stuttgart, 08.03.2017
Infotag Composite-Berechnung
Stuttgart, 13.03.2017