LS-OPT, the graphical optimization tool that interfaces perfectly with LS-DYNA

allows the user to structure the design process, explore the design space and compute optimal designs according to specified constraints and objectives. The program is also highly suited to the solution of system identification problems and stochastic analysis.

The graphical tool LS-OPTui interfaces with LS-DYNA and provides an environment to specify optimization input, monitor and control parallel simulations and post-process optimization data, as well as viewing multiple designs using LS-PREPOST.


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  • Constraints, mixed continuous/discrete variables, multiple load cases, etc.
  • Multi-Objective optimization (Pareto Frontier)
  • Reliability based design optimization

  • Material parameter evaluation
  • Calibration of test results

  • Meta Models: Interrelation design variables vs. system responses
  • Study of design changes

  • Contribution of variables to system performance
  • Identification of significant and insignificant variables
  • Ranking of importance

  • Consideration of uncertainties
  • Evaluation of reliability
  • Outlier Analysis
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