List contents and integrity of binout file.

The program reads and prints all data out of the binout file using the binary LSDA format. In case of a corrupted file it is possible to fix the binout up to that point so that it may be read by LS-PrePost or conversion tools like "l2a".

usage: check-lsda [options] lsda-file(s)


-version print version
-split split binout file(s) into separate ASCII files in binout format (same as "-extract all")
-merge merge selected contents of binout files into ONE file named "binout.merge"
-extract <file> select ASCII files to extract (separate by comma) eg: "-extract glstat,rbdout -extract matsum" or "-extract all"
-exclude <file> select ASCII files to exclude from split or merge (separate by comma)
-sinc ## incremental state selection for option "-split","merge" or "-extract ..." eg: "-sinc 2" selects states 1,3,5,7,...
-dryrun for -split or -extract option: no files are created just emulate it and print info on resulting states and sizes
-jobid <jobname> add jobid to resulting binout filename
-endtime=TT trim lsda files to endtime "TT" (binout only)
-tshft <offset> shift all time values by <offset> (requires -overwrite)
-overwrite overwrite existing lsda file (for binout and -endtime only) otherwise new lsda-file timeTT.binout is created
-offset ADR offset start reading at disk address ADR
-fix fix lsda-file if corrupt
-rmlast N remove last N states (binout only) (Default for N: 1)
-obfuscate obfuscate all legends and titles (binout only)
-titlefix fix all legends and titles (binout only) (turn non-ASCII chars into space)
-list list content of file
-debug print debug information

options in addition to -list:

-minmax output minimum and maximum values only for integer and real values
-nosymbol suppress output of symbol table entries
-novalues suppress output of values (print only value names)
-lines N limit output to N lines

% check-lsda -split binout0*