Reads nodal coordinates from d3plot at selected state for a node set. Possible replacement of matching *NODE cards in a keyword file.

The tool is used to read coordinates from the d3plot file for an arbitrary list or range(s) of nodes. This is useful to get the coordinates of nodes used by LS-DYNA after any transformation by *INCLUDE_TRANSFORMATION.

usage: plot2coor [options]


-g <d3plot> ls-dyna d3plot file (geometry info)
Default: d3plot
-o <outfile> output file with nodal coordinates
Default: "coordinates.plot"
-n node(s) list of nodes (eg 10,15,24) and/or
-n node-range range of nodes (eg 10-50)
-n all all nodes
-l <listfile> file with list of nodes
-k <key-inp>

keyword input file including *NODE cards

(multiple files may be given)


insert new coordinates into keyword file structure
and write a new file <key-inp>.plot2coor
(works only with option "-k")

-idnoff <off> nodal ID offset value from *INCLUDE_TRANSFORM
(useful with option "-k")
-s <filenum>

select state number (=plotfile number) or "last"

(eg: -state 5 or -state last

(Default:0=geometric state)

-i10 output in i10 keyword format
-long output in long keyword format
(Default: automatic switch to long if any ID > 8 digits)

% plot2coor -n 1-100,50 -n 5640
%plot2coor -k include.k -in -s last

If the plot file is in femzip format then femunzip must be installed and the femunzip command must be found.