Transformation of contact forces into a local system.

This program extracts the resulting contact forces (RCFORC) of an interface from the binout-file family and transforms the force components into a local system defined by three nodes. The result is written in binout (LSDA) format.

usage: rc-rel [options] binout-file[s]


-sid <SID> select interface <SID> for transformation
-refnodes give three nodes defining reference system
n1-n2 is local X-axis
n1-n3 is vector in local XY-plane
-g optional d3plot-file (needed for coordinates of ref-nodes)
default: d3plot
-out output file in binout format
default: binout.rcrel_
-legend optional text for legend entry in output file
default: add '(local)' in basic legend
-list list RCFORC interfaces found in binout-file[s]
-version print version

% rc-rel -sid 3 -ref 101,102,103 binout00*