Agenda - Monday, 23th May 2011

9:00 am Global FAURECIA automotive seating FEA/testing strategy towards O prototype
Christophe Lemaitre (Faurecia)
9:35 am Upfront simulation and CAE driven design - Reality or long term dream?
Dr. Tayeb Zeguer (Jaguar Land Rover)
10:10 am Coffee break
10:35 am Simulation in sheet metal forming industry: Trends and state of the art
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl Roll (Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler AG)
11:10 am Are numerical simulations of ballistic impact predictive?
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tore Borvik (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
11:35 am Overview of LS-DYNA applications for turbomachinery design
Pierrick Jean (SNECMA)
12:20 pm Lunch

1:50 pm Using LS-OPT for meta-model based global sensitivity analysis
Z. Mehmood (Technical University Dresden)
Customising the model build/setup process using JavaScript in Oasys PRIMER
M. Thornton (Arup)
Performance Benefits of NVIDIA GPUs for LS-DYNA
Mr. Stan Posey (NVIDIA)
2:15 pm An Effective Curve Matching Metric for Parameter Identification using Partial Mapping
N. Stander (LSTC)
Usage of fully detailed CAE models for concept design with the ANSA Morphing Tool
George Korbetis (BETA CAE Systems)
Progress on GPU Implementation for LS-DYNA Implicit Mechanics
R. Grimes (LSTC)
2:40 pm Complexity based design robustness analysis- Application to mechatronic component (vehicle hatchback )
K. Kayvantash (CADLM)
STRADYNA : A custom built GUI to integrate customer specific LS-DYNA pre and post-processing routines
J. Lacambre (ALYOTECH)
Performance of Large Scale Implicit Crash Analysis on Multicore Processor Systems
Y.-Y. Lin (Hewlett-Packard)
3:05 pm Topology Design using LS-TaSC Version 2 and LS-DYNA
W. Roux (LSTC)
The use of Generic Entities for Multidisciplinary preprocessing. A simple but powerful pattern in ANSA
Y. Kolokythas (Beta CAE System)
MPP Execution of Implicit Mechanics with 10M or More Elements
R. Grimes (LSTC)
3:30 pm Coffee Break
4:00 pm A pregnant woman model to study injury mechanisms in car crashes
J. Peres (IFSTTAR)
Investigation and Application of Multi-Disciplinary Optimization for Automotive Body-in-White Development
A. Sheldon (Honda R&D, Americas)
Finite element analysis of localised impact loading on short glass fibrereinforced polyamide engine oil pan subjected to low velocity impact from flying projectiles
J. Njuguna & Z. Mouti (Cranfield University)
4:25 pm Development of passive protection systems using cellular materials
R. M. Coelho (University of Aveiro)
The ACP Process Applied to the FutureSteelVehicle Project: The Future of Product Design and Development (Part 1)
A. Farahani (ETA) & M. Lambriks (Tata Steel)
Material Data Determination and Crash Simulation of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Components
F. Becker (German Institute for Polymers)
4:50 pm The use of different CSF representations in a numerical head model and their effect on the results of FE head impact analyses
K. Baeck (K.U.Leuven)
The ACP Process Applied to the FutureSteelVehicle Project: The Future of Product Design and Development (Part 2)
A. Farahani (ETA) & M. Lambriks (Tata Steel)
Improving the Prediction of LS-DYNA Calculations with Rhodia Data and Digimat
C. Demain (Rhodia)
5:15 pm Development of a thorax finite element model for thoracic injury assessment
N. N. Asgharpour (Royal Military Academy)
A modified approach for simulating complex compound structures within early design steps
G. Gruber (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
Analysis of Fibre Orientation using μCT Data
S. Mönnich (German Institute for Polymers DKI)
5:40 pm Implementation of a Strain Rate Dependent Human Bone Model
Z. Asgharpour (Munich University)
Parametric Modelling of Simplified Car Models for Assessment of Frontal Impact Compatibility
M. Stein (University Berlin)
Prediction of structural response of FRP composites for conceptual design of vehicles under impact loading
S. K. Krishnamoorthy (German Aerospace Center DLR)
8:00 pm Galadinner
4:00 pm A novel transversely-isotropic 3D elastic-viscoplastic constitutive law for modeling fiber matrix composites
M. Vogler (Leibniz University Hannover)
Warm Forming Simulation of 7075 Aluminium Alloy Tubes Using LS-DYNA
G. D'Amours (National Research Council Canada)
The RHT concrete model in LS-DYNA
T. Borrvall (Engineering Research Nordic AB)
4:25 pm Investigation of Failure Criterion in Dynamic Torsion Tests with Solid Cylindrical Specimens
F. K. Antonov (RIM Lomonosov)
Simulation of Thread Forming Processes
A. Stühmeyer (CADFEM)
The Winfrith Concrete Model : Beauty or Beast ? Insights into the Winfrith Concrete Model
L. Schwer (SE&CS)
4:50 pm Develpoment and verificatoin of a material model for prediction of containment safety of exhaust turbochargers
D. Memhard (Fraunhofer IWM)
Modeling and simulation of Mecano-welding process for tubular sections
Z. Feng (Guangxi University)
Qualification of *Constrained_Lagrange_In_Solid command for steel/concrete interface modeling
L. Moutoussamy (University Pierre and Marie Curie)
5:15 pm On Fracture Criterion of Titanium Alloy under Dynamic Loading Conditions
F. K. Antonov (RIM Lomonosov)
Cowper-Symonds material deformation law application in material cutting process using LS-DYNA FE code: turning and milling
V. Gyliene (Kaunas University of Technology)
Impact Simulations on Concrete Slabs : LS-OPT Fitting Approach
N. Van Dorsselaer (AS+)
5:40 pm Recent Enhancements to the GISSMO Failure Model in LS-DYNA
A. Haufe (DYNAmore)
3-Dimensional Forming of Thick Plates - A Comparison of Deep Drawing and an Approach of Rolling and Bending within a Single Proces
N. Van Dorsselaer (AS+)
8:00 pm Galadinner

Agenda - Tuesday, 24th May 2011

8:00 am Prediction of failure on high strength steel in seat mechanisms simulation
M. Chauffray (Faurecia)
A New Method for CrachFEM "Damage" Parameter Calculation & Transfer from Autoform to LS-Dyna
M. Buckley (Jaguar Land Rover)
Influence of HE shape on blast profile
F. Plassard (Thiot Ingenierie)
8:25 am Crashworthiness and Sensitivity Analysis of Structural Composite Inserts in Vehicle Structure
C.-K. Park (NCAC)
Analysis of formability of advanced high strength steel sheets with phenomenologically based failure criteria with separate treatment of instability, shear and normal fracture
K. Isik (Technical University of Dortmund)
Using LS-DYNA MM-ALE capabilities to help design a wall mitigating accidental blast effects
J. Lacambre (Alyotech)
8:50 am Optimizing Thermoplastic Parts in Crash Applications - Status and Vision
A. Wüst (BASF)
Statistical Analysis of Process Chains: Novel PRO-CHAIN Components
D. Steffes-Lai (Fraunhofer SCAI)
Simulation of Shock Wave Mitigation in Granular Materials by Pressure and Impulse Characterization
C. Gueders (Royal Military Academy)
9:15 am Wood-steel structure for vehicle restraint systems
C. Goubel (LIER)
How to Use LS-OPT for Parameter Estimation - hot stamping and quenching applications
A. Shapiro (LSTC)
Shock Wave Effect on Aluminium Foam
M. Vesenjak (University of Maribor)
9:40 am Comparison of material models for crash simulation- experimental and simulation work
F. Becker (German Institute for Polymers DKI)
Deep drawing simulation of α- titanium alloys using LS-DYNA
S. Jurendic (Akrapovic)
10:05 am Coffee break
8:00 am A new advanced Visco-eleastoplatic eight chain rubber model for LS-DYNA
T. Olsson (ERAB)
An airbag application for the ALAR incidences for the Passenger Aircrafts
V. Anandan (Goodrich)
Computational simulations of aluminum foam projectile behavior
M. Borovinsek (University of Maribor)
8:25 am A constitutive equation for the aging of elastomer and application to dummy impact programs
W. W. Feng (LSTC)
Hail Impact Simulation on CFC Covers of a Transport Aircraft
P. Starke (EADS)
Numerical simulation of spiral-strand cables subjected to high velocity fragment impact
R. Judge (University of Liverpool)
8:50 am Validation and Material Modelling of Plastics
P. Reithofer (4a Engineering)
Orion space craft water and land landing system simulation; An injury case study
A. Tabiei (University of Cincinnati)
A methodology on how to certify transportation containers
N. Bardon (CEA CESTA)
9:15 am A constitutive model for thermoplastics with some applications
A.H. Clausen (SIMLab)
Development of a water filled fender system for off shore installations
A.S. Duvall (AMEC)
Simulation of shock absorbers behaviour during a 9m drop test
F. Collin (TN International)
9:40 am Behaviour model for semi-crystalline polymer, application to crashworthiness simulations
R. Balieu (University of Lille)
Simulation of ice action loads on off shore structures
D. Hilding (ERAB)
LS-DYNA application to develop a package for air transportation of fissile materials
O. V. Voykina (LLC Strela)
10:05 am Coffee break

1:45 pm CAE in car body development at Audi - Trends in different areas e.g. SDM and Optimization
Dr. Bernd Mlekusch (AUDI AG)
2:20 pm Dynamic analysis, verification and validation for submarine applications
S. Stojko (Rolls Royce Marine Power)
2:55 pm Coffee break
3:20 pm NVIDIA GPU Computing for LS-DYNA
J. Krall (NVIDA)
3:30 pm Cray Technology applied to CAE applications
G. Clifford (CRAY)
3:40 pm LS-DYNA recent and future developments
J. Hallquist (LSTC)
4:25 pm Farewell